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Gustavo Youngberg
Gustavo Youngberg

Oakland, CA

Designer @ Flow Inc

adobe creative cloud, css, front-end development, graphic design, html, javascript, print design, product design, sass, ux, visual design, web design

  1. America Center — Choose the High Ground parallax single scrolling web development web design website
  2. Oakland's New View — 601citycenter.com real estate oakland responsive mobile website
  3. Discover — 601 City Center foundation responsive design oakland responsive website
  4. Envision Your Space — 601citycenter.com oakland responsive design responsive web design website
  5. View Availabilities — 601citycenter.com foundation real estate oakland responsive responsive design website
  6. Explore the Neighborhood — 601citycenter.com oakland interactive map mapbox responsive design responsive website
  7. For Leasing Contact — 601citycenter.com responsive design website
  8. 2 Henry Adams—Web Design and Development foundation development web design ui website
  9. 2 Henry Adams — About the Building foundation development web design website
  10. 2 Henry Adams — Building Features icons foundation web design website
  11. 2 Henry Adams — Availabilities and Floor Plans foundation tabs responsive website web design
  12. 2 Henry Adams — Location & Transit foundation 3d maps maps mapbox web design website
  13. 2 Henry Adams — Contact for Leasing Inquiries foundation hero image web design website
  14. Youngberg Design - 404 Error logo animation gif error 404 ae aftereffects animation brand logo gy youngbergdesign
  15. Youngberg Design - Home button animation branding edgeanimate ae logo youngbergdesign
  16. Rebound - Day 072 - Clock Light hand hour light minimal watch clock
  17. Rebound - Day 072 - Clock digital analog hour minute clock smartwatch ui
  18. App Design - Realhub - Filters Screen mobile ux ui realty realhub application app
  19. App Design - Realhub - List View Screen mobile ux ui realty realhub application app
  20. App Design - Realhub - Map Screen ux ui realty realhub application app
  21. App Design - Realhub - Startup Screen realhub ux ui realty application mobile app
  22. James Woods for Congress Website Design desktop mobile website spectrumexperience jameswoods
  23. James Woods for Congress spectrumexperience woods jameswoods brand logo
  24. Mikel Weisser for Congress - Logo Design fire liberty pink political spectrumexperience symbol logo
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